ALN removal and/or repositioning kits

3 Extraction Kits (jugular approach) :
  • ALN Straight RS : using when the head of the ALN filter is in axis of the vena cava
  • ALN Pre-curved RS : using when the head of the ALN filter is not centered in the vena cava
  • ALN 2 in 1 RS: ability to change the pincer depending on the
    position of the ALN Filter inside the vena cava
New kits
Simplified Procedure, Security +

  • straight v2
  • precurved_v2
  • ALN 2in1 RS
  • 1999

    Launching of the ALN extraction kit

  • 2012

    Retrieval of the ALN filter at 40 months

  • 2013

    Successful retrieval 12 years after implantation


Pincer system specially designed to remove the ALN Filter

New pincer : 8 strands of different lengths with 90° kooks for a simplified and securised procedure

Documented retrievals 40 months after implantation

To date, 10 000 ALN filter extractions