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New ALN Vena Cava Filter with Hook !

You have the choice to retrieve the ALN Filter with Hook using one of the ALN Removal Kits (straight, pre-curved, 2 in 1) or using a Snare.

The ALN Filter with Hook has the same features as the OPTIONAL ALN Vena Cava Filter :
  • Stainless Steel – MRI Compatible – Non magnetic
  • Not thrombogenic due to : no soldering joints, less than 1 gram, design
  • The risk of break is reduced : the struts are crimped
  • Keeps its final spatial form due to the filter holder : no reported cases of non-opening of the filter

Proven Design

Clinical experience for more than 20 years

"Device intended to be
retrievable at any time !"

Design of the filter :

The filter is cone-shaped. Its two levels of anchorage and centering are distinguished by the length of the strands.

The upper level provides an active anchorage. It consists of the shorter strands, showing six legs whose distal extremities are curved in hooks.

The lower level consists of three legs providing the centering. These legs have a concave curvilinear shape reducing the traumatic risk.

These legs are all from unequal length, avoiding the intertwining inside the catheter (introduction sheath).



  • 2013

    Launching of the ALN vena cava filter with hook

  • 2008

    FDA Approval
    Creation of the compagny ALN inc  (USA)

  • 1999

    Launching of the ALN extraction kit

    ALN Vena Cava Filter becomes OPTIONAL

  • 1997

    Founding of the ALN laboratory

  • 1991

    Founding of the company Vascor and Invention of the Permanent Filter "VASCOR"

4 approaches

The implantation of the filter is made easier thanks to the adaptor in which it is packaged. Example of insertion by high route