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The ALN Optional vena cava filters : Permanent and/or Temporary

The optional vena cava filters of ALN (with and without hook) - permanent or temporary, position themselves as one of the solutions recognized for its efficiency and its reliability for a large number of public health establishments as well as private in France and in Europe, and all over the world. These medical devices are indicated for the prevention of a pulmonary embolism.


The ALN OATF Optional vena cava filter with and without hook

Recent ALN innovation, the optional vena cava filter, ALN OATF (with and without hook) is entering the market for the latest generation of medical devices for the prevention of pulmonary embolism.


The removal and/or repositioning kits of the ALN vena cava filters with and without hook

ALN proposes 3 benchmarks for the removal and/or repositioning kits to adapt themselves to the different clinical contexts and needs. These are the functional variations that allow the removal or the repositioning of the ALN vena cava filters. An additional innovation of our company, for a better prevention of the pulmonary embolism.


Thromboembolic disease

3rd leading cause of death from cardiovascular disease worldwide

Two specific categories are to be distinguished when referring to thromboembolic disease. On the one hand what is called DVT (Deep Venous Thrombosis), on the other hand pulmonary embolisms. ALN implantable medical devices are one of the recognized preventative solutions on the market today.

Pulmonary embolism can cause chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension and are often associated with high morbi-mortality. Indeed, it is a very common pathology, even claiming to be the third leading cause of death from cardiovascular disease in the world. More specifically, pulmonary embolism has high vital risk factors, causing an average of 35,000 hospitalizations in France each year and representing 5% of hospital mortality


Vena cava, thrombosis, blood clots and vena cava filters

The thrombosis is provoked by a blood clot (ie. DVT) that creates itself in a blood vessel, in a vein and even in an artery. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is the most common type of thrombosis, and it can occur in the superficial veins or in the more profound veins. When the is disturbed and the circulation is altered, the blood pressure increases, a blood clot can then detach itself from the vein wall and mix itself into the bloodstream. Once the clot penetrates into the pulmonary artery, it has now become a pulmonary embolism. 

As early as the 1950s, surgeons began using ligatures to limit the migration of this clot. 

This method, considered particularly invasive at the time, over the years was replaced notably by certain medical treatments and implantable medical devices, including the vena cava filters.

Positioned at the heart of the inferior vena cava, the goal of the filter is to stop the travel of the thrombus, thus maintaining a satisfactory blood flow compared to the old methods used.

The design of the first vena cava filter created in 1991 by ALN has never been modified since 1991, regardless of the technological variations that we manufactured and then distributed, in France as well as internationally. And this, in the perspective of providing increasingly adapted responses to the new needs of prevention of pulmonary embolism. 

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