ALN Implants chirurgicaux

French leader in the manufacture and distribution of medical devices for the prevention of pulmonary embolism

ALN implants chirurgicaux, aims to save lives

Our French company, with 100% made in France expertise, is a human-scale company that has been working with determination and unique expertise for more than 30 years, with the objective of saving lives. Our commitment has grown steadily since the design of our very first product: the vena cava filter. Exclusive innovation in 1991, recognized for its efficiency and reliability, our first permanent vena cava filter became optional in 2001.

Market leader in France, we are the only French manufacturer and distributor of vena cava filters. Our production sites are based in Bormes-les-Mimosas in the south of France and in Thyez in Haute-Savoie, a region renowned for its technological expertise. 

Founded in 1997 by Alain NIGON, our company is today 25 people each working in their field of expertise, with attention to detail and a lot of mastery in the manufacturing of our medical devices. Medical devices (vena cava filters and removal and/or repositioning kits ALN), aimed at preventing pulmonary embolism, the 3rd cause of cardiovascular disease mortality worldwide.

Our expertise and French savoir faire, allows us to design and manufacture products in France for distribution worldwide. All our employees support common values, embodied in their daily lives. 


And it is with the heart that everyone participates, in collaboration with our clients, public and private health facilities, to save lives around the world.

French leader in the manufacture and distribution of medical devices for the prevention of pulmonary embolism

Exclusive and technological expertise to prevent pulmonary embolisms

Our company has always served the medical profession and patients. Our vena cava filters and removal and/or repositioning kits ALN sold worldwide (through our direct sales force and network of trained distributors) , are the result of a great capacity for innovation and a keen sense of retail, which make them unique products of which we are proud.

Our core business is vena cava filtration, and our expertise in the field has built our reputation and notoriety among today’s market leaders, setting us apart from the rest of the market, both yesterday and today.


  • Our strengths

    • Unique French know-how in the manufacture of vena cava filters.
    • The sustainability of our company, which for more than 30 years has provided solutions to a vital and frequent public health problem (pulmonary embolism).
    • Recognized expertise in permanent filtration since 1991.
    • Longest experience with optional filtration, with over 20,000 withdrawals in over 20 years.
    • The original filter design has never been modified, attesting to the high quality and utility of our high-tech, high-performance and durable innovation (our surgical devices have been manufactured for over 30 years).
    • Numerous studies have been conducted on our products.
    • A French manufacturer, where the importance of every detail and the ultra-precise gestures allow us to shape vena cava filters and extraction and/or repositioning kits for the highest efficiency. Patients' lives are at stake, we are acutely aware of our responsibility and commitment.
    • A constant capacity for innovation supported by monitoring developments in the healthcare world and a constant willingness to challenge ourselves. We never stay too content, in order to improve the existing one. Being a leader in the French market does not exempt us from a sustained attention to the evolution of our business worldwide.

       We are on the move, and while we have created a unique product with the goal of saving lives, we remain attentive to potential improvements in the future. And this, in order to continue our technological advancement in the field, and to develop tomorrow new versions of our products, useful to the new needs related to venous thromboembolic disease.

    • Proven responsiveness that allows us to manage issues in a time of urgency, and respond to requests with efficiency and agility the most specific requests.
    • Accessibility that makes the business relationship smooth and easy. While we are a French leader in the manufacturing and distribution of surgical devices for the prevention of pulmonary embolism, we are also a human-sized company, concerned to meet every need with the same rigor and proximity.

A world-renowned expertise supported by human value

ALN implants chirurgicaux lead with their heart and we have been able to combine and maintain since its creation a very high capacity for technological innovation, with human values embodied in each of our actions (internally, as in our commercial relations). Indeed, how can we work every day saving lives and not place the human at the center of our priorities and all our attention? Yes, we are proud of our purpose to “save lives” and how we put it into practice in our daily work.

  • Focus on our 3 core values

    • Human value in its entirety, is so dear to our company, to our founder Alain NIGON, and to all our employees. A human value that is embodied in the very way our company is managed, as in our vision of our business, our commitments. Each of our employees, from the production and manufacturing department, to the quality, export, commercial, R&D and shipping department, is aware of the value and importance of its mission and knows that it participates in the goal of saving lives.
    • The value of honesty, the management of our company is fair and humane, we are happy with the progress made, the noble profession that is ours and our position among the market leaders, which was also built on these values of honesty in management, but also in human and commercial relations.
    • The value of quality, thoroughness and the best quality possible (continuous controls from manufacturing to shipping) are important, every detail is important, when patients' lives depend on it. This awareness of our shared responsibility creates a strong, caring and committed cohesion at the service of patients.

Key dates in a leadership career in France in the manufacture of vena cava filters and extraction and/or repositioning kits

ALN OATF filter launched


  • Launch of the 2in1 removal and/or repositioning kit

  • Launch of the popliteal approach
  • Launch of the ALN vena cava filter with hook

FDA approval. Creation of ALN Inc in the USA


CE marking ALN removal and/or repositioning kits (certification guaranteeing that the surgical device meets specific safety and clinical benefit requirements, set out in European regulations)

ALN filter becomes the first optional filter



CE mark of the jugular, brachial and femoral (venous) filters approach


Creation of ALN


Design of the permanent filter Vascor


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